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2022 Scholarship Program

The Goal of the Greater Pittsburgh Golf Course Superintendents Associations Scholarship Program is to Support Future Golf Course Superintendents in Their Educational Needs

The Greater Pittsburgh Golf Course Superintendents Association is committed to awarding two thousand dollars annually to this purpose. The Association will award a quantity of two one thousand dollars scholarships annually at its Annual Meeting in October. The Association's check will be awarded directly to the student. If there are no eligible applicants, the Association reserves the right to designate the scholarship funds accordingly.

Scholarships are to be awarded only to full time students (i.e. 12 credit hours per semester). Scholarship applicants must be enrolled in an agricultural major emphasizing turf grass management. Minimum grade point average of 2.0 will be required. Application deadline is November 30th 2022. Marketing of the program is to occur through turf management advisors at universities and the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America.

The GPGCSA Scholarship Program

Your scholarship application will be judged by its appearance. It is important to remember the following tips:
  1. Read the instructions carefully
  2. Request information that you have to obtain from others early. Give advisors and employers ample time to fill out a recommendation for you. When your school will be sending your transcripts directly to us, check back with the school about a week after you make your request to make sure the transcripts have been sent
  3. If you have questions, call the number on the application
  4. Try and have your application arrive as early as possible
  5. Provide all the information required. Do not submit an incomplete application
  6. Do not include extra items
  7. Proof all materials. Have one or two other people proof your essays. Use spell check
  8. Type your application. If you do not have a computer or typewriter, go to the computer lab at your school
  9. Be neat. If you need additional pages to fully answer a question, use them
  10. Make copies of your finished application for reference
Checklist for a complete application:
  1. Carefully complete each question on the application
  2. Sign where indicated
  3. Attach transcripts from all universities and post-secondary schools that include grades from the last completed semester. These do not need to be official transcripts
  4. Attach required essays -- Proof read
  5. Attach two letters of recommendation from instructor, academic advisors or employers

Mail application to:
Greater Pittsburgh GCSA
Attn: Scholarship Committee
PO 292
Bridgeville,PA 15017