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"The purpose of this club is to develop greater interest in greenkeeping and thereby create better opportunities for those engaged in the profession of greenkeeping."

The Greater Pittsburgh GCSA: History in the Making

On March 17, 1926, the Greenkeepers Club of Western Pennsylvania was created with these words from their original constitution.

A number of Pittsburgh golf course superintendents were also instrumental in creating what would eventually become the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America, (GCSAA). On September 13, 1926 the National Association of Greenkeepers of America, (NAGA), was founded at Sylvania Golf Course in Toledo, Ohio. The three original incorporators of the NAGA were John McNamara of Aspinwall, John Quaill of Bellvue, and Emil Loeffler of Oakmont.

In 1895, G.F. Jacob took the first horse drawn gang mowers into the Pittsburgh Golf Club, now known as Schenley Park Golf Club. It would be almost thirty more years before there were any associations for Mr. Jacob to join or conventions for him to attend.

Mr. Jacob would serve as a golf course superintendent for fifty-one more years at several golf courses in the Pittsburgh area including Brighton Country Club and Stanton Heights Golf Club. Since that early beginning, Pittsburgh has seen nearly one hundred years of people dedicated to the profession of Greenkeeping.

In the early 1950's, the Central Pennsylvania Golf Course Superintendents Association changed their name to the Allegheny Mountain Golf Course Superintendents Association, and the Greenkeepers Club of Western Pennsylvania changed their name to the Golf Course Superintendents Association of Western Pennsylvania.

Both local associations co-existed separately, yet often sharing members and meeting sites for the next thirty years. On June 13, 1983, the two associations voted by a better than eight to one margin to merge, forming one association, known as the Greater Pittsburgh Golf Course Superintendents Association.

The rest is history...

Mission Statement

"To serve members, provide support and career opportunities while promoting and protecting the golf course management industry"

Vision Statement

"To be viewed as a leading GCSAA affiliated chapter in providing valuable programs and support for our members."